About us

ZOOM MEDIENFABRIK was founded in Berlin in 1996. Specialising in public relations for film productions, the agency works for American majors (incl. G.I. JANE, INSPECTOR GADGET), European productions (incl. TAKING SIDES, THE PIANIST) as well as for independent German distributors (PATHS IN THE NIGHT, AFTER THE TRUTH, BONHOEFFER) and production companies (incl. CP Medien, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Studio Babelsberg).

In addition to the professional release press campaign for a production, the agency also has special know-how at its disposal in the area of production PR for German and international film and television productions. This service covers all the important elements such as the organisation of press-junkets, briefing of stills photographers, general management or production-co-ordination for Making Of’s, etc.

The theatrical release press campaign for a production is always a mix between classical PR work and promotion. Marketing is therefore an intrinsic element of our strategic planning. The form of address and appropriate communication of the film’s individual exceptional qualities aimed at respective target groups are essential factors for success. The agency is a tried and tested partner in the organisation and implementation of festival presentations, promotional tours for film stars and specialised campaigns for new film releases.

The Internet is becoming increasingly important for the effective marketing of productions. Thus we have developed specific Internet campaigns to fully utilise the new medium for public relations means.

The agency provides comprehensive handling of media companies in the field of public and media relations. This service guarantees full professional media coverage in the film and financial sector. Our tools range from continuous contact through newsletters and/or press releases (via Internet or fax, or - traditionally - by post), through the conception and production of advertising and promotional materials (leaflets, brochures, etc.) to unique tailor-made solutions in the form of product launches, studio openings, annual report press conferences etc.


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